Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy With Endodontics in Richardson TX

root canal for a toothache with Lake Highlands dentists in Richardson TXEach tooth contains a pulp chamber. The nerves in your teeth travel from canals in your tooth roots up to the pulp chamber. If the pulp chamber of a tooth becomes badly infected, it can cause severe tooth pain or a toothache. If left untreated, the infection can spread from the roots and cause more serious health problems. If you are suffering from extreme tooth pain or a toothache in Richardson TX, this could be a sign that your tooth is infected, and you need root canal therapy.

Without root canals therapy near Plano, when the pulp of your tooth became infected, the tooth has to be extracted. Root canal therapy, or endodontics treatment in Richardson TX, allows Dr. Goad to save your tooth, and remove the bacteria that is causing your mouth harm and toothache. Our root canal therapy treatment or endodontics treatment near Garland can protect you from serious health problems and preserve your level of oral health.

The Root Canal Procedure

  • A root canal in Richardson TX can be performed in one to three dental appointments, depending on your individual circumstances.
  • Dr. Goad will remove the infected pulp from your tooth and clean your tooth out. Once the infected pulp is removed, he will add a special antibacterial medication to the tooth to prevent future infection.
  • root canals with endodontics with a dentist Richardson TX and GarlandOnce the tooth has been completely sterilized, Dr. Goad will cap the tooth with a dental crown to prevent future infection or decay. The crown will be created from a beautiful porcelain that will replicate the color and translucence of your natural teeth.
  • A temporary crown may need to be placed while the permanent crown is being crafted. When the permanent crown is finished it will be placed over your tooth.
  • Root canals or endodontics treatments near Lake Highlands help you keep your natural tooth instead of having it extracted.
  • Your short-term and long-term oral health are part of the root canals or endodontics treatment process near Garland.

If you are suffering from severe tooth pain or a toothache near Garland and Lake Highlands, a root canals therapy treatment can alleviate your suffering. Root canals therapy in Richardson TX is a great treatment that can save and preserve your natural teeth.

To find out more about endodontics or a toothache, contact our office with any questions or to set up an appointment. Dr. Goad would love to discuss your options for root canals or other services if you are in the area, from Garland, Lake Highlands, and Richardson TX.

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