Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

March 17, 2014

Child’s Dental Health Care – First Dentist Visit

Child's Dental Health Care - first dentist visitYour child’s first step, first word, first birthday, and many other firsts are all important milestones for every parent out there. An addition to that list should be your child’s first dentist visit. A number of questions may pop into your head when you start thinking of this first-time occurrence.

  • What age would be appropriate?
  • Is it too early now?
  • Have we delayed it too long?
  • Are my child’s teeth developing in accordance with their physiological age?

We try to answer your worries and anxiety in this short article about the much anticipated “first dentist visit.”

When is the Best Time for the First Dentist Visit?

The first dentist visit should take place around the age of three years. By then, many of their first teeth have come in, they have normally developed some level of maturity and are able to remain still for a short period of time.

Our priority at this first dentist visit is to make it an extremely “happy visit.”

Sometimes, all it will involve is the child sitting in the dental chair and letting a dental hygienist floss over the teeth and become more accustomed to them. No amount of pressure or stress is placed on the child.

If the child co-operates, an X-ray might be attempted for their records. But other than that, it’s to provide a good experience for the child and help them become accustomed to someone working around them and in their mouth with no pain or bad memories.

Every Child is Different

The moral of the story here is that every child is different. If other siblings are afraid of the dentist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this child will shy away or develop dental phobia. Even prior to the scheduled appointment, if it appears that the parents are hesitant or worried about it, the child may feel anxiety as well and be uncomfortable as it approaches. Try to be as neutral as possible in your approach and realize that you know that child best. It’s a good idea for them to be used to being around others and to be able to stay calm and seated for a few minutes.

If you are a mother or father of a young child, please understand that your child’s dental hygiene practices start and end with you. If you are positive and can encourage consistent brushing and even “pretend flossing,” the child will not think it’s all strange or difficult. As you teach practice techniques regularly in a consistent manner, you provide your beautiful children the gift of life-long optimal dental health.

So, when your child is ready, get in touch with a dentist for that first dentist visit.

For more information about children’s dental health, call Dr Kerry Goad at 972-690-6653 today!

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