Dental Bonding for Chipped and Cracked Teeth

May 13, 2013
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Dental bonding is the use of composite resin to repair teeth that have become cracked or chipped. It’s a very good technique for restoring these teeth to full function and can be completed in just one dental visit. The material is similar to that used in tooth colored dental fillings and requires very little tooth preparation. Your dentist will gradually build up the composite resin material on your tooth before hardening it with a special curing light, making sure the shape is perfect before finally polishing it. The material used in dental bonding is reasonably strong, but it does pay to take a little bit of care with teeth that are bonded and to avoid biting down on extremely hard substances. Although this material will last for several years before it needs replacing, it will eventually become stained. The rate at which the staining occurs depends on your lifestyle, as if you like to smoke, drink large quantities of coffee or tea or eat highly colored foods then it will stain more quickly.

Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Your teeth can become chipped and cracked for a variety of different reasons, and you might not even notice until you feel extra sensitivity when eating or drinking hot and cold foods. The damage may have been going on for quite some time, as it’s possible to subconsciously begin eating on one side of the mouth to avoid pain.


Common reasons for teeth becoming chipped includes biting down on hard foods, opening packets with your teeth, crunching on ice cubes or generally doing anything for which your teeth aren’t really designed to do. Damage can also be caused by tooth grinding, and it’s highly likely this condition will require specialist treatment from your dentist, usually by wearing a specially made mouthguard.


If your teeth have become cracked then it might even be possible to see these cracks with the naked eye, while others may be nearly invisible and virtually undetectable even on x-rays. It’s best to try and note which teeth cause you pain when you bite down so you can let your dentist know at your next visit.


It is Well worth Treating Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Any chips, cracks or damage to your teeth should be treated as soon as possible as otherwise they could cause additional problems. Any chips in the tooth enamel are likely to increase the risk of tooth decay through making it easier for the bacteria to penetrate the tooth. The problem with cracked teeth is that these cracks can open up slightly every time you bite down, allowing foods to penetrate the inner area of the tooth, called the pulp. The pulp contains a lot of nerves, and if it becomes infected it can be very painful, and will require root canal surgery to help save the tooth. Although the tooth can function perfectly well without the pulp, it is obviously better to prevent the need for this surgery.


Dental bonding can also be used to modify the shape of teeth, and is sometimes used as an alternative to dental veneers during smile makeovers.


For more information on dental bonding, contact Dr. Goad, your Richardson, TX dentist at Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry today for bonding.


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