What Foods Can I Eat to Improve My Dental Health?

March 10, 2014

Types of Foods to Improve Dental Health

Five Foods that Can Improve Your Dental Health- 1When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, the food we eat can play a major role in our dental health.

For instance, snacks such as candy, chips, and ice cream tend to have an increase in the amount of sugar that can settle on teeth in the mouth.

We’ve heard all our lives, that sugar can be bad for us, but why are these snacks and junk foods so bad for us?

How Does Sugar Hurt Our Dental Health?

It’s actually very simple.

Bacteria that is present in our mouths transform sugars into acids and can play a negative role in our mouths everyday. These acids go to work almost immediately breaking down the enamel that protects our teeth, leaving them susceptible to erosion of your teeth surfaces and tooth decay.

So What Types of Foods Should We Eat?

Well, as badly as many of us may not want to admit it, Mom was right about eating our vegetables. Vegetables are not only high in nutrients that our bodies and our teeth need, they contain high percentages of water.

Other foods and fruits like apples and other similar fruits have sugars as well. However they have a high amount of water in them too. The water causes an increase in the amount of saliva produced which helps cleanse the sugars more quickly, reducing the potential of the acidic production.

Other acidic foods should make up only a small part of any meal. Some examples of acidic foods are lemons and other citrus fruits. These foods can not only affect the whiteness of your teeth, but can promote surface breakdown on your teeth too and your dental health.

Do Certain Drinks Affect our Dental Health Too?

The best drinks to choose from are those that allow the mouth to stay clean and healthy. Choices like unsweetened tea, water and milk are all good. These drinks are low in sugar and do not cause problems in the mouth like some sugary sodas or fruit juices.

The best water to choose is fluoridated water; this is recommended by dentists and flouride is also found in mouthwash and tooth paste.

Stay away from drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine such as sodas, coffee, and lemonade, which can all be high in both acidic content and sugars. Carefully read the labels to find the amount of sugar in the foods or drinks and make good choices to improve your dental health and keep your smile bright.

If you need more information about improving your dental health or interested other  dental services by Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry, call Dr. Kerry Goad at 972-690-6653 to learn more.

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