5 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Work – Asked Everyday!

September 18, 2013

dentalWhat Are the 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Health?

In most every profession there are certain Frequently Asked Questions that seem to come up over and over…and for good reason. It seems that our mouth, the health of our mouth and the condition of our teeth, many times provides an insight into the body’s overall health.

Of course these are certainly not the only questions that we hear, and may not even be the most critical, but they are asked repeatedly by many of our patients and uncomfortable people that call us trying to understand what’s going on in their mouth.

We’ve listed these questions and answers below to help if you’re one of those people:

1. What causes my gums to bleed?

Dr. Goad: That’s inflammation and many times that inflammation is the result of plaque that accumulates in hard to reach places on the teeth. Plaque builds up over time and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and a real irritant to the gum tissue.

2. What causes dry mouth or lack of salivation?

Dr. Goad: It could be the result of a reaction to tooth decay or deterioration, but it can also be the result of other possible issues. Our mouth is like the entrance to our entire body. According to one article from the Mayo Clinic, they find that dry mouth can be the result of more serious health conditions as well reactions to some medication.

3. What causes bad breath?

Dr. Goad: Bad breath could be some gastroesophageal reflux disease where you get stuff coming up from your GI tract or plaque and things accumulating on the back of the tongue and throat. Sometimes we also find that bad breath can be the result of drainage from sinuses.

4.What about grinding teeth? What causes that?

Dr. Goad: There are a lot of mixed opinions about that. One school of thought is that the initial trigger for clenching and grinding is when an individual perceives an imperfection in the way the teeth come together. A perceived high spot in an area or something just not quite right. The grinding can begin to take place unconsciously and then when there’s hyperactivity, it’s manifested with that happening more and more. It becomes a pattern of behavior and can lead to a habit that’s extremely hard to break.

5. What causes tooth discoloration?

Dr. Goad: Several things can contribute to tooth discoloration. Foods, drinks, and other agents. Most of the worst culprits include smoking,  coffee, tea, and red wine but there are definitely others.

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