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March 31, 2014

Treatment for Grinding Teeth Syndromes

Don't Neglect Your TeethGrinding teeth is a condition that can start to take its toll on the health and integrity of your teeth over time. Typically, the damage incurred will be wear and tear to the teeth.

They may appear flat, loosened, or even cracked as a result of grinding habits.

You may begin to wonder what has caused it and how it can be prevented.

What impact will it have on your health if left untreated?

There are various treatment options to help a person that is consciously or unconsciously grinding their teeth.

To begin with, there are typically two kinds of grinding teeth – daytime and night-time – and they are very different type incidents. The latter is definitely the more harmful and dangerous of the two.

Symptoms Experienced May Include the Following:

  • Popping and clicking in the jaw joint (TMJ)
  • Some pain in jaw joints
  • Occasional pain in jaw movement muscles surrounding mouth

Help is Here – Even When You’re  Asleep!

Night-time teeth grinding typically takes place in the deepest part of one’s sleep cycle. Most patients aren’t even aware of the night-time grinding happening and will wake up in the morning only with sore jaw muscles and no memory of their night-time actions.

The most effective treatment for grinding syndromes is to have a hard, plastic bite guard custom-made by your dentist. At Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry, we strongly advise the patient against purchasing a bite guard over-the-counter as it can promote more jaw grinding activity when it’s not correctly fitted. To get the best fit, it takes precise measurement and experience to properly diagnose and treat the real problem.

In the case that a custom bite guard does not resolve the problem and jaw pain persists, the dentist would refer the patient to an oral surgeon to examine possibilities of arthritis.

The Good News is that in 95% of cases, a custom bite guard is able to resolve the grinding teeth problems.

Daytime Grinding Therapy

For daytime grinding patients, we recommend you attempt to control it via self-feedback mechanisms and reminders.

For example, you can place a colored docket or Sticky Note in strategic locations. This might include such places such as over the car windshield, on your bathroom mirror or where it’s visible at your work station.

It’s likely that you may be grinding your teeth unconsciously, while driving, work, stress, etc. When you see one of these notes, you are reminded to keep your lips together and check yourself.

Professional Dental Services

Seek professional help to prevent further damage to your teeth. We can cosmetically make a difference in your appearance and your smile, but the permanent damage can never be reversed.

For more answers from Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry in Richardson TX about grinding teeth and overall dental health, give us a call at 972-690-6653.

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