Invisalign for Teens – Top Questions Part 2

November 3, 2013

In the previous dental blog post, we shared some of the most common questions asked with Invisalign for teens as an alternative to braces.  In this blog, we will expand to include several of the other common questions asked by our patients when considering Invisalign for them or their children.

  1. Are there certain things I can’t eat with Invisalign?  There is really no restrictions on what you can and cannot eat.  The more important considering is taking the Invisalign aligners out when you’re eating. You never want to leave them in while eating, and we recommend rinsing with water and even flossing and brushing after meals when possible.

  1. Why do I have to come back once a month for Invisalign?
    There are a couple of reasons patients need to visit the orthodontist monthly while having Invisalign. First, the reshaping of the surfaces between the teeth is sometimes required, because the bones move constantly throughout the process.  Your orthodontist will be actively involved in this process. Second, the attachments may or may not need to be modified or changed depending on the monthly results of the bone structures. In addition, at each scheduled monthly appointment, the patient and orthodontist are able to view the progress being monitored.

  2. How do I keep Invisalign clean and clear? To keep the Invisalign trays from becoming dirty, the Invisalign aligners will need to be cleaned with a toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. Sometimes people think they can use denture cleansers, but this is not the case.  Denture cleansers tend to leave white build up and make the Invisalign appear cloudy.

  1. What happens after Invisalign? After Invisalign, the results achieved with Invisalign for teens are maintained by wearing retainers – either removable or fixed.  The teeth tend to migrate to their original position the first couple months after Invisalign for teens, but can later be worn at night only.

  2. How does the cost of Invisalign compare to Six Month Smile?  Invisalign usually costs a bit more than Six Month Smile, but have much better, more comprehensive results for patients than Six Month Smile.  Since the cost difference between Six Month Smile and Invisalign for teens is not that great, many teens appreciate not having the visibility of SIx Month Smile or braces by instead choosing Invisalign.
  1. What type of payment plans are available for Invisalign? Most dental practices use some kind of payment plan for Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments.  Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry has payment options for less than 12 months, and for those patients who desire lower payments over a longer period of time, our financial partners have finance programs you may choose to qualify for (our team can provide you more information here).

  1. Will insurance cover Invisalign? Yes, Invisalign is an approved orthodontic alternative and should be covered if the plan has a provision for coverage for orthodontic treatment.  In addition, we see many patients using their Flexible Spending Accounts to help with the financing of Invisalign for teens.

These additional questions in addition to the ones on the previous blog are the most common questions asked of Dr. Goad and our team here at Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry with Invisalign for teens or adults.  If you have additional questions or are considering Invisalign for you or your family, please call Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry at 972-690-6653 today to arrange your visit.Invisalign for Teens

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