Invisalign for Teens – Top Questions Part 1

October 24, 2013

Teenage years are usually the best time for straightening teeth, yet teens are not fond of braces and the potential feedback from others.  Invisalign has definitely help change this becoming the popular alternative for braces.  Since this is the case and we continue to receive questions about Invisalign weekly, we thought we would share some of the answers to the common questions we are asked when treating Invisalign for teens in this blog.

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  1. What is Invisalign and how does it work? Invisalign is an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment, utilizing a series of thin, clear plastic shells that are computer generated to optimize the desired results.  Most people know Invisalign as the more modern alternative to braces, yet much less noticeable which makes Invisalign for teens the chosen treatment in many cases.

  1. What are the top reasons to choose Invisalign for teens over Six Month Smile? We offer two options for the correction of problems related to both aesthetic and functional problems related to the alignment and arrangement of the teeth. The Six Month Smile option focuses primarily on the esthetic issues of the front teeth, while Invisalign is a more comprehensive approach while still addressing the appearance of the front teeth. Invisalign for teens is often chosen because teens do not like having any brackets or braces showing during treatment.  In most cases, the only reason Six Month Smileis chosen over Invisalign for teens is because of the cost since they normally cost a little less expensive.

  1. How long do I have to use Invisalign and how does this compare to braces? Each case is unique, but Invisalign is comparable if not faster than a conventional comprehensive approach of braces with brackets and wires, most cases taking between 6-18 months.  While some people get confused about the difference in traditional braces and Six Month Smile treatments, braces are still a comprehensive orthodontic treatment where Six Month Smile is focused more on the front teeth only and takes less time.

  1. Can I eat with Invisalign? Patients are instructed to wear their aligners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when they are brushing or eating.  When patients follow this process, their treatment periods tend to be more effective and efficient – a little faster and much more comprehensive.

  1. How often do I have to change Invisalign aligners?  Typically, two or three sets of Invisalign aligners are given to an Invisalign patient at each appointment with plans of having them last until the next appointment.  Since appointments are normally scheduled monthly, the aligners tend to hold up pretty well for this 4-5 week period of time.

While these answers about Invisalign for teens might not answer all of the questions, these are five of the most common questions Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry is asked.  We are gathering additional questions about Invisalign for teens and will be sharing them in future blogs.  To schedule your visit with Dr. Goad and the team here at Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry, call us at 972-690-6653 today.

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