Is Sedation Dentistry Some Kind of Disease?

September 11, 2013

From Accidents to Emergency Dentistry – It Can Be a Very Short Trip

Accidents…they happen every day! Whether it’s from participating in a sport (hopefully not like the damage in this photo) or just an unfortunate mishap, many of us have experienced some incident that we wished we had avoided.

Or possibly you’re just not crazy about visits to the Dentist’s office anyway. It may not even be fear.

We all have some things in our lives that we would just rather avoid…

What Would be a Good Reason to Use Sedation Dentistry?

Any of the thoughts above are perfectly good reasons to consider asking about Sedation Dentistry. Why needlessly go through the nervousness or anxiety about a visit to your Dentist?

So What is Sedation Dentistry…Really?

Sedation dentistry refers to treating patients when there’s been the use of medication to develop a “conscious sedation”. Typically the medication used would either be Ativan and Halcyon.

With these medications the patients are conscious but aren’t fully aware of what’s going on during the procedure. In addition, these medications have a type of amnesia effect. Patients don’t recall anything that happened during the procedure. Painfull or otherwise.

This method is typically used to reduce the anxiety for some of our patients; those who just really don’t want to deal with local injections or laughing gas. If they are even more anxious, we can schedule an anesthesiologist to attend and do a full IV sedation where they will be unconscious during the procedure.

Many of our clients now prefer the Sedation Dentistry and we often use it for a severe toothache or infection. We also use it to examine when something is wrong with their teeth that may disfigure their smile, a chipped tooth or something along those lines.

Emergency Dentistry

At night and on weekends patient calls are either answered as they come in or they will receive an immediate call back. If the situation warrants, we will meet them at our office to look at the emergency and help stabilize the patient and provide some relief if necessary. We sometimes see patients that have injuries to their teeth from playing sports or a tough fall.

At Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry, we will make every effort to get them in right away. We make ourselves as available as possible when necessary.

Our experienced team understands the trauma that can accompany emergency dentistry and will make every effort to answer all your questions and treat you quickly and with respect. Check out our other articles and find more information about Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry and our team.sedation dentistry

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