What Type of Dental Floss Should I Use?

April 7, 2014

Best Floss That Works For Sensitive Teeth

dental-flossA study conducted by University of Buffalo shows that 60 adults with mild gingivitis were divided into two groups to determine whether the participants had a preference for a certain type of floss. More importantly, researchers also compared different types of dental floss to determine whether some are more effective than others to clean teeth.

The bottom line is that each type of floss was just as effective at cleaning teeth as the others. Use of any  type of dental floss promotes clean teeth by removing food particles and bacteria.

In the end however, results from the study did indicate that 75% of the adults preferred PTFE floss, while 25% preferred the basic nylon floss.

Why Floss?

For those with either braces or Invisalign, cleaning hard to reach places can be a pain to floss. Dental floss can change that. With plastic bristles at each end and a plastic reaching brush, flossing doesn’t have to be difficult. Using dental floss gets rid of food in between teeth and the bacteria that forms there before it has a chance to harden into plaque.

Toothbrush bristles alone cannot clean effectively between these tight spaces making it difficult and painful. Dental floss is proven to have good results and provide comfort for those with either sensitive gums or braces.

What is Floss?

Floss is usually made from nylon or plastic mono-filaments, which allows the tiny but strong material to squeeze in between each tooth and effectively keep teeth healthy and clean. Dental floss known as PTFE floss is softer than a traditional nylon floss and slides more easily between the teeth and is less likely to break or shred than a nylon floss.

What Else Can Dental Floss Do?

In order to keep a healthy mouth, dentists recommend brushing and using dental floss at least once a day. Another great benefit to oral health promoted by flossing is a white, shiny smile. When you feel healthy and look good, you’re more confident about yourself and what you can accomplish.

For more information about dental floss, cleaning your teeth or your overall oral health, call Dr. Kerry Goad at 972-690-6653 today!

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