What Types of Toothbrushes Are Best?

March 24, 2014

Types of Toothbrushes

Types of ToothbrushesAt Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry, we are often asked about crucial oral health and hygiene practice questions about the most appropriate flossing technique, toothbrush model, and toothpaste brands.

What should be emphasized is that every person should own the types of toothbrushes that they feel most comfortable in using…and that they are really getting their mouth clean!

This might be either of the two types available in stores, the mechanical toothbrush or the manual one. Now, telling our patients that they must use the types of toothbrushes that work best with their hands can sound like a piece of cliché advice to some.

However, every individual is different; some simply like one type of brush more than another.  The one that you are most skilled with to efficiently remove food particles from your teeth and the one that you use most often is almost always the most suitable type of toothbrush for you.

The most important part of the statement above is “…to efficiently remove food particles from your teeth…”. Sometimes people aren’t aware of truly how efficient they really are…or are not!

How can you know you are getting the “food particles” off your teeth?

Check Your Teeth Cleaning Ability

To check how effective your chosen types of toothbrushes and your skill at removing for particles and plaque from the teeth, follow an easy, painless procedure.

results-plaque-disclosing-mediumWe recommend that you purchase a ‘plaque disclosing medium’ from any local drugstore or pharmacy. This is basically a food dye in the form of drops or a tablet. It will stain your teeth and reveal any areas of plaque areas. Be aware however, that food particles stuck between your teeth do not normal show. You should look carefully inside your mouth in good light for those particles.

Another recommendation is to perform this same test twice.

First, use the product right after you finish a meal. Then brush and floss and compare the results again. Check for the differences. The bigger the difference, the more effective your type of toothbrush is and your skill at brushing. Some will find that they brush longer with one of the mechanical toothbrushes, while others don’t brush as long.

As you can see, the type of toothbrush, type of floss, etc is really not as important as what works best for you. Some dentists recommend small, soft bristles and others will suggest that harder bristles will be more effective to help fight the buildup of plaque on a person’s teeth.

As an adult, maintaining good oral habits is imperative. Taking care of your dental health can be particularly important to female patients wanting to appear their best and most confident, even in their later years. Consistent checkups twice a year and necessary treatments will reduce the chance of losing that confidence and the smile.

So, make sure you find the most suitable type of toothbrush for yourself and start using it for a long-lasting bright smile and great dental health!

For more answers from Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry in Richardson TX about toothbrushes, dental health and professional cleaning, give us a call at 972-690-6653.



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