Wearing Dentures with Confidence

April 20, 2013
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There’s no doubt that losing teeth can be quite traumatic, and a lot of people struggle with the thought of wearing dentures. Today’s dentures are far better than before, and denture teeth can look incredibly natural, especially the more expensive brands. The acrylic bases are available in a different range of gum tissue colors that can be accurately matched to the patient’s existing gum tissue. Provided adventure is well made and well fitting, it shouldn’t be noticeable to anyone else and should be comparable to wear all day, and shouldn’t impede speaking and eating. However they do take a little bit of getting used to.

When you first have your dentures fitted they’ll probably feel very strange, and it can be quite tricky to eat and talk. Some people also find they produce excess saliva for a while, but all these things should settle down. Eating soft foods and concentrating on chewing on both sides will help to stabilize the denture and hold it in place. If it does slip out of position then gently bite down and swallow to reposition it. If you find it difficult to speak clearly then spend a little time practicing. A lot of people find their dentures make a clicking sound when they speak, but speaking more slowly can help solve this problem. With a little bit of patience these issues should quickly resolve themselves, but if not it’s worth consulting your dentist.

Some people find it helpful to use denture adhesive for a little bit of extra confidence, but although adhesives can be helpful forwell-fitting dentures, they shouldn’t be used to keep an older, ill-fitting denture in place. You may find your dentures need a little bit of adjustment a week or so after fitting to get them absolutely perfect.

Caring for Dentures
If properly cared for dentures should last between three and six years, but will eventually need replacing as your gums will change shape and reabsorb and become flatter. It may be possible to make your dentures lost a little longer through having them relined, but this is something you’ll need to discuss with your dentist. It’s essential to clean your dentures thoroughly each day to remove plaque bacteria and food deposits. They may be cleaned using dish soap, or you can use a specialized denture cleaner. You shouldn’t use toothpaste or any other type of abrasive cleanup on your dentures as it will damage them. It’s best to use a properly designed denture brush to gently clean them.

Dealing with Denture Breakages
Dentures are actually quite fragile, so it does pay to clean them over a bowl of water or over a towel. It is quite likely they’ll become broken as accidents do happen. If you do break your dentures then your best course of action is to contact your dentist. They may recommend you bring the dentures into the dental office for mending, or they might tell you to visit a local dental laboratory. It might be possible to get your dentures mended in just a few hours, or it should be a day at the most. Always get your dentures mended professionally as trying to do it yourself could permanently damage your denture.

To learn more, visit the Findmydentist Denture Guide

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