What Are the DifferencesWhen It Comes to Orthodontic Options?

October 9, 2013

orthodonticCan we wear invisible braces while our teeth are straightened?

Today many of us can…

Our confidence in everyday settings can be an important developmental issue as we interact with others. If we are unsure about or embarrassed by our teeth and our smile, this can cause untold anxiety, especially to older children and young adults.

Because of advances, there are definitely orthodontic options to the tried and true “braces” that many of today’s adults remember.

Traditional Braces

Those are still around and while we have been able to “cool” them up by adding some color to some of the orthodontic hardware, they are still a mainstay, long-term treatment that may be required in some instances.

Typically these types of braces might still be needed when serious mis-alignment and angle issues exist. Sometimes the mouth and jaw have not grown at the same pace as larger permanent teeth have come in. This can result in crowding and mis-alignment. Or maybe it’s just the opposite and gaps between the teeth allow teeth to begin to come in at differing angles.

These types of issues may require tooth extraction to help provide room and then the adjustable braces to help re-align the remaining teeth. These orthodontic treatments can also take 2 to 3 years due to the meticulous adjustment and alignment process.

Options Available

Fortunately the traditional braces type of treatment is not always required because of some of our newer technology. Two of these orthodontic alternatives include treatments typically called “InvisAlign” and “Six Month Smiles”.

Both InvisAlign and Six Month Smiles are relativity short-term propositions.

Six Month Smiles®

The Six Month Smiles treatment focuses specifically on the upper front six and the lower front six teeth. It’s more of a cosmetic orthodontic approach.


InvisAlign is a bit more comprehensive. Full teeth arch aligners are required and this treatment is designed to address more complex issues with the back teeth. However, it is still a great alternative to the traditional braces and adjustments…and is still requires much less time.

Check out our other articles and find more information orthodontic options and about Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry and our team.

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