What are the Typical Patient Needsof Your Dental Clients?

October 2, 2013

Why Do Patients Set Appointments for Dental Work?

Typically, most dental patients call or come to our office by either one of two ways.

Most often it’s a specific concern or problem they have; a toothache, an infection, a broken tooth or something affects their appearance.  It’s an issue that specifically motivated them to seek the care of a dentist.

The second reason is when patients are attempting to establish themselves. Sometimes they have recently moved to town or possibly they are just looking to establish a relationship with a different dentist. There can be many reasons for that too, but many times they may believe that it’s time to find a dental office that is more current on newer, available technology or treatments. In these situations we will want to better understand their thoughts and approach to overall dental health needs and make every effort to understand their longer term wishes and desires.

It’s always possible that there are other reasons too, but these are the main reasons that we hear from our patients.

How Does Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry Make a Difference?

When a new patient comes in, we will do an overview or a comprehensive evaluation. During this evaluation we can begin discussion about some of the more involved procedures that may be more likely to be helpful and meet those long-term goals. These goals may include immediate cleaning or work, but might include restorative work that can occur over the next month or two or even orthodontic alignment procedures that can be between 6 months or a couple of years.

We are sensitive to our patients that seek treatment that is functional (i.e. better alignment for proper chewing, etc.) or cosmetic, which can include everything from straightening and re-alignment of only the front teeth to complete mouth alignment or whitening.

Some of the more popular treatments is periodontal laser therapy with the LANAP procedure. Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP, is for those patients who come in and have an advanced level of periodontal or gum infection. This health issue can be very serious and this procedure is much less painful than when dentists cut, peeled back and scraped the gums to accomplish the same results. Not only is it much less painful initially, the healing time is much reduced because of the procedure.

Other restorative care is available where crowns or bridges are needed to restore the strength or keep the spacing of the teeth. Sometimes patients’ teeth might have a lot of large fillings, or cavities, and we can suggest tooth colored fillings that match the teeth in your mouth and are not nearly as obvious.

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