Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

June 27, 2011

Here’s the question I hear most often from our patients who are regular with their dental appointments and do not have gum disease: Why do my bleed when I floss?

The answer is funny in a way…gums bleed when they are not flossed enough! I know that sounds strange, but healthy gums don’t bleed. If our gums are bleeding when we floss, then we need to increase our home care efforts of flossing more and correct brushing or be screened for gum disease.

It’s a strange situation, much like beginning a new exercise program. When we first begin exercising, our muscles are sore and ache until we get built up to the program. It’s the same way when we start flossing- our tissue may bleed until our gums are stronger and more resistant to the bacteria in plaque.

In some situations, a patient has gum disease and that must be treated in order to prevent tooth loss.

So, if you find you have bleeding gums and you are flossing at least once per day, ask one of our team members about it at your next visit.

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