Why is There a Stigma About Orthodontics?

October 16, 2013

orthodonticsThe introduction of orthodontics and treatments offered hope to many patients with crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth. However, some may avoid the idea of traditional orthodontics due to a perceived inherent stigma.

Possibly the patient may feel like it’s a sign of vanity or that they may be trying to do too much to recover their smile.

In some cases, patients will get rid of the braces before it’s time due to their embarrassment of having to wear them. In addition, many people understand that their lifestyle will be affected. Filling an orthodontic patient’s mouth with metal is can be quite uncomfortable, especially at first.

The combination of these and other physical factors, such as noticeable changes in the patient’s dental and facial structure, add to possible apprehension and actual dread that they might feel.

How We Try to Help Reduce this “Stigma” Effect.

One of the best ways to help is to encourage patients to talk frankly with an orthodontics specialist about the changes to expect and the likely associated discomfort. This will help prepare that patient be more mentally prepared.

Raising this concern early in the process also allows the dentist to fully review available options for your specific situation. There may possibly be a more suitable solution than standard braces. However, some of the orthodontic options might not work well or possibly might take longer to make a difference. This can dependent on the condition and severity of the problem, that age of the patient and honestly, how long the patient is willing to continue treatment.

A dentist should always attempt to tailor the best solution for patients, but each patient must be very honest and upfront about any concerns or fears about the treatment solution.

Gentle Dentist

Of course, a dentist that takes the time to talk with you and understands these concerns is critical in this process too. An experienced professional dentist that really cares, will talk with you about all orthodontic alternatives available and be able to explain clearly why the believe which treatment is best suited for you.

Reasons for Cosmetic Dental Alternatives

Today, we find there’s a large segment of the population of adults with who may have been treated with braces as a child but some of the teeth have relapsed. Or possibly they never had the chance to be treated and are now interested in correcting something that still bothers them.

However, many patients are not interested in going through two or three years of orthodontics to correct the tooth angle classification or some other scientific criteria to get a textbook result at this point in their life.

If you are interested in taking care of some crowding or even spaces between teeth, we can specifically address those issues too.

We specialize in orthodontics treatments and offer both “Six Month Smiles®” and “InvisaAlign”. Both of these treatments have become popular orthodontic alternatives in our practice and are very affordable when compared to traditional orthodontic treatments.

Check out our other articles and find more information orthodontic options and about Richardson Cosmetic Dentistry and our team.

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