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Dwayne is a kind soul that wanted to boost his smile and self-confidence without getting braces or Invisalign. He saved and researched cosmetic dentists for his smile makeover. Instead of aligning his lower teeth in 6 months, we were able to do conservative veneers to straighten, broaden, and harmonize his smile to match his personality. This was his reaction. We loved being a part of his journey


Over 10 years ago, Jeanette had her upper 8 teeth done with porcelain crowns and a bridge for her missing front tooth. With time, she noticed that they were beginning to break, they were darker than she’d like, and they were uneven. She had been waiting for years to get this area redone. Finally, we replaced her crowns and her missing tooth with an implant crown. This was her reaction. It was all she wanted just in time for Christmas! We were so happy to be a part of her journey.


Hailey is a bright and positive flight attendant that brings smiles to those around her. She noticed that she was getting dark areas around her gum line (erosion and cavities) and it was time to upgrade her own smile. After considering her options, she desired to be conservative and do some composite bonding. After her procedure, this was her reaction. We love bringing confidence back to our patients!


Ann was referred to us by another dentist in the area to problem solve a case of a broken bridge. On one tooth, half of the porcelain had chipped off. Her dentist only gave her the option of replacing the whole bridge. Anne wanted to be conservative and sought us out for another option: porcelain repair. This was her reaction. We love giving patients conservative treatment options. If it were my mouth, I’d want the same.


Brian called from another state while he was in excruciating pain. A tooth on the upper right that had a crown was all of a sudden giving him throbbing aches after many years of being healthy. He hadn’t slept one night in a week. After having enough, Brian flew in just to see us on a Friday afternoon for an evaluation. When we removed the existing crown, he had a huge crack in the tooth that almost had the tooth split in half! The nerve was alive and healthy, but the tooth was not connected. We excavated the crack carefully, reinforced it with a glass fiber patch called Ribbond, and bonded his tooth back together with a better crown. Brian has slept soundly ever since with no root canal or extraction needed. This is his testimonial. We love getting patients out of pain and saving teeth!

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